Friday, May 4, 2018

Who is the next Lita/Trish? The squared circle goddess

The question with my debate which is open to all opinions is who is the next Trish or Lita. We have seen a lot of women come forward. Charlotte, Becky, Bayley, Paige, AJ Lee, Ember Moon, Asuka, Sara del rey, Lita, Trish, Madusa, Victoria, Melina, Jazz, Moolah, Mae Young,  also independent/Impact ladies like Tessa, Mercedes Martinez, Gail Kim, Mia Yim, Madison Eagles, Allie, Serena Deeb, Cheerleader Melissa, Lo Shira, Toni Storm and so much more.

What are you and we looking for when we speak of the next goddess, golden girl, squared circle goddess of pro wrestling. I am going to highlight some highspots on in my opinion what makes a star.

  • Character/gimmick: Living that character and embracing that gimmick. Making everything about your character, part of yourself. Being comfortable in your own skin and making the fans believe that is your every day character. A lot have a problem with this especially with social media. 
  • Phycology/chemistry: To be good not only in the ring but on the mic, you have to have that connection not only with the fans but with your opponent. Also believing in yourself and getting the fans engaged into your storylines, emotions and character. 
  • Telling a story/storylines: From the beginning what got fans so involved and glued was the story telling. When a wrestler can tell a story in the ring regardless of what creative gives them, that's a true star. 
  • Selling/charisma: These two things are very important. You need the charisma to make a fan feel like that character is relatable and you need the selling to make the fans believe and suspend their disbelief. You also need the "look."
  • Spots/promos: If you could choose, what's more important? Spots or a solid breathtaking promo. Once upon a time you had average wrestling skills along with solid mic skills, now wrestlers focus more on their spots rather then their promos. With wrestlers raising the bar in the athletic department, now day's you need both to get over. A wrestler to make it as the top woman or top guy, you need to be solid at both as that is what fans these days are demanding. A lot of pressure and only some have it. 

A lot of women are solid on some and even most of these but not all of these. To be the queen, goddess, the woman, top girl, top woman, top female, trailblazer, boss, you need to be all. There is one female wrestler that comes to my mind and that is Sasha Banks, now let me explain before I get the backflash.

What did the early 2000s give us that a lot of women's wrestling era's seemed to lack? They were not all the same, they were different flavors for the different fan. You have to connect to your audience and open up yourself to them. The women's wrestling in early 2000's did that and this is no knock on Mae Young, Moolah or even the females in mid 2000's that were diva's but being unique is everything. 

Trish had that emotion in her for wrestling, a beautiful blonde from toronto that found love for wrestling the more she trained. She didn't want to be a valet or manager,  she wanted to get those bruises and wrestle. Beautiful girls all around the world believed they could really do this. Trish's athletic ability was really the first time you saw women focus on their craft and want it to be perfect, like their own painting. You see so many women inspired by Trish maybe more than any female wrestler and her being relatable and fighting for her spot had a lot to do with that. She was unique in her own way, she had the brains, hard work, passion, strength and fitness but also the dream girl look. 

Lita was a whole different flavor and she was what gave the girls and women that maybe didn't want to dress or look perfect, relate to someone that just wanted to be themselves. A tomboy, a rebel, a punk rocker, a woman that just lived in the moment and went for her dreams. Wearing baggy pants, she made all girls and women know you don't have to dress half naked in a wrestling match. You can look sexy covered up and who says you even have to look sexy. Even though Lita was a red headed lovely beautiful woman she had that attitude of fuck all of you and I will be me. With Lita also taking out the boys and hanging with the boys, all women and men could relate to Lita and her attitude just connected with everyone. 

What both of these women had that women these days don't is deep dialog, not extremely scripted storylines. Some can adapt to change and some can't. Both Lita and Trish would pitch to Vince and creative and do their own thing, not line by line of what Vince or creative suggested. They never played it safe, they took risks and let Vince know when they weren't comfortable with something too. Storylines, your character, your own style, flavor means a lot but what means more is how you can create, enhance and end a feud. Lita and Trish were the best at that. The only female that comes to my mind when I think of how intense Lita and Trish got is how intense Sash Banks gets with any of her opponents. 

Back to Sasha Banks, she has a solid, intense, believable, relatable character and lives her gimmick as the boss. Her wrestling ability is top notch, up next to Natalya,  Charlotte, Tessa, Bayley, Paige, and Becky. She tells a story in the ring, even when WWE doesn't give her the best opportunities and storylines. From her facials, to promos, to ring work. Sasha is the full package and in my eyes the next squared circle goddess or more like squared circle boss, the next Lita, Trish.

Another part of being a star, is moments and history or in this case herstory. Sasha Banks has had so many first evers including females in the WWE wrestling for the first time in Dubai. Sasha faced Alexa Bliss and made history, she also was in first ever Hell in A Cell, no falls counts anywhere, iron women match and women's royal rumble. Sasha Banks made the biggest impact in NXT out of any wrestler and when she went to the main roster there was no denying how incredible she was and every time women's wrestling went up another level, Sasha was part of it and all for the right reasons. The biggest moment in women's wrestling is happening next month, an all women's PPV and Sasha Banks will be part of it. Sasha should be the main event but rumors have circle that will be Ronda or Charlotte. Sasha Banks and Bayley have been on a roll with tag team action and being the boss n hug connection. My dream scenario would be for tag team titles to be announced soon and for Boss n hug connection to win them at Evolution main eventing. The future can only tell but Sasha deserves to be in women's title picture again with all the impact and hard work she has put into women's wrestling and the women's evolution in WWE. 

I personally have not seen a female wrestler I can connect with sense Lita and Trish. Everyone has their own flavor and spice. Mine is respect, passion, emotion, hard work mixed with all the elements of creating a wrestler. My one big hope is intergender wrestling coming back to life and Sasha I know would be perfect for that challenge and another stepstone in her career. When I look at Sasha I see a wrestler that has wanted this for her entire life and she will not let go and that's why she keeps bringing it every week, regardless. With all the topics I have discussed above is the reasons I feel Sasha is and should be the top women, the most pushed female in the WWE. In the end regardless of how WWE pushes, uses or handles Sasha she will always remain as great because that is how damn good she is. 

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