Sunday, October 28, 2018


First of all I have to say how proud I am of all of the women that were in this PPV. All the ladies knocked it out of the park.

First match I enjoyed very much. I can't say I was surprised though, Lita and Trish will always deliver. It brought back childhood memories and Lita and Trish reeventing team extreme was the highlight of my night. So good to see them back, I just don't want them to leave now.

The battle royal was a match a lot of people complained about and not many were expecting much from. I thought this was one of the best battle royals, male or female I have ever watched. There was story told in the royal and seeing all the legends warmed my heart. I really wanted Trinity to win but Nia winning will create something good with Ronda.

Toni Storm is a female wrestler that I have been eying for a long time, she is incredible in ring and I enjoyed her match. I wasn't nescassirly invested in this match but it was a phenomenal match with a lot of emotion and history.

Riott Squad VS. Sasha Banks, Natalya and Bayley was my second favorite match of the night. When I saw this on paper I thought, oh this will be a short match but I'm sure Sasha will get the win. Well she did get the win but this was a lengthy match that stamped the definition of what women's wrestling is. The story Sasha, Natalya and Bayley specifically told to the audience was pure emotional. All three women honoring their heroes and Sasha getting the pin meant a lot to me and I can only hope they continue to be taken seriously. All three of these women have impacted women's wrestling the most in my opinion. Natalya showed that all women can become a women's wrestler, Sasha showed that she refused short matches and to become a diva and Bayley showed that she will not expose her body even for her love of wrestling. This match really meant a lot to me.

Kari Sane and Shayna told another amazing story. I am not fully caught up on NXT so going into this I was a little behind but oh boy these two sure caught me up fast. I am a huge fan of Shayna and what she is bringing to women's wrestling. I love her background in MMA and her long lasting passion she has always had for pro wrestling. I am glad Shayna is back to being champion and I think it will be great for NXT.

My favorite match of the night was Charlotte VS. Becky. I have never watched so much emotion in wrestling, maybe sense Lita and Trish. Becky and Charlotte brought it more than I could even imagine. I have always respected Charlotte but I have never been invested into her until tonight. The bumps she took, the selling she provided, the moves she perfectly hit was completely beautifully insane. She shocked me tonight and that with Becky hitting leg drop off a ladder and chairs being thrown into the ring. All the aggression you could feel through your TV, I'm not sure the last time I have felt that. Greatest female match of the year.

The main event was not my cup of tea. I respect everything Nikki Bella has done for women's wrestling, without her I'm not sure we would of gotten over the hump. I respect her so much and she worked her ass off in this match, she looked amazing. Ronda on the other hand I cannot get invested into. Her botches yes they happened, her selling yes still needs work, her in ring work needs some talking to but I thought both girls worked well with what they were given tonight. Ronda needed to keep the belt and still look dominant, I just don't think this was main event quality.

All together I give the PPV an A. I thought every superstar delivered and I couldn't be more happy and proud of all the wrestlers.

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