Monday, October 1, 2018

WWE's Stereotype of women's wrestlers

I have been watching wrestling since I have been 7 years old. I have been extremely patient on the product. The improvements, challenges and going 10 step backwards of women’s wrestling, I have stood through it all. I started watching wrestling in the early 2000’s so that is what I will start going off of first.

Above is all the past women’s champions in the early 2000’s era, to the current Revolution era. As you can see WWE’s type is the tall blonde with enhancements and caucasian. Maybe they wanted a duplicate of Pamela Anderson or maybe this is what they thought all men desired and what all women wanted to look like but we are in 2018 right now.

Trish Stratus is constantly remembered as the greatest women’s champion ever but I personally see the same treatment between Madusa, Moolah, Alexa Bliss and Charlotte. All of these women have the most title reigns and not only that but have held the title for the longest amount of time. These women have been specifically pushed or shoved as the greatest. I will give credit when it is due to Mickie James because she is at 5 and was and still is a great women’s wrestler that deserves to be in the discussion as the greatest but with not being their type it comes across as she’s being ignored for her legacy.

Above you can see how many times Trish Stratus became champion in the early to mid 2000s, while the divas era got a little out of the blonde type and more into the body fitness type. The Bellas, specifically Nikki kind of changed the type of a women's wrestler. Not white, not blonde, not specifically the skinny model type, which was a step in the right direction for women's wrestling.  At that time they had amazing female in ring talent like Nikki, Melina, AJ Lee, Mickie James, Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix who were fighting to just got a five minute match and respect for their craft. Now we are in the Revolution turning into the Evolution era and I cannot agree to those words until we get out of this type that WWE has spiraled back into of only seeing the queen of the squared circle as being white, blonde, fitness size with enhancements.

In this era you have this cycle of Charlotte and Alexa Bliss being told to us by the WWE that they are the greats with how many titles they have already won. While women like Sasha, Becky, Bayley, and Paige at one point were all over at one point until WWE told their universe that Charlotte was this generations Trish Stratus but even greater. Trish's run compared to Charlotte to some minds would mean nothing at this point with how close already she is to beating Trish’s amount of titles with not wrestling that long. If you do look back Trish Stratus run felt more important though due to feuds, rivals, storylines and starting from the bottom and making her way to the top. While Charlotte run was good in NXT and her feud with Sasha Banks was feud of the year but she hasn't really had anything great storytelling wise until recently with Becky Lynch. I was always more of a Lita fan when Trish was around just like I am more of a Sasha Banks fan even with Charlotte being pushed as the promotional good looking white girl for WWE.

For me personally to feel confident, comfortable, ecstatic and proud of the women’s division, I need WWE to let go of the stereotype they hold all their women accountable for. We have so many intelligent women coming from Japan, Mexico, UK, the independents, in NXT and of course the talent already in the WWE. You see Impact making their women’s division around Tessa Blanchard, a women that has been compared to Chyna at times and back in mid 2000s they made Gail Kim their leader and queen of the ring. With how great Charlotte is athletically and how good Alexa Bliss is on the mic the women’s division needs to expand, change, push and experiment with other talent and other stories. WWE has been so focused on having Roman being the next John Cena and wanting the women’s division to find the next Trish Stratus but maybe it’s not about finding the next star, it should be about just using the out of this world talent, letting these women show what they can do. Isn't that what it was supposed to be about in early 2000s and what it was supposed to be about with the 4 hoursewomen?  At the end of the day we want an evolution, we want impact and we want women to be able to have inspirations of all different races, sizes, sex, cultures and orientations. If everyone is the same this world would be so boring, there is always a different flavor for everyone. I don't see why WWE cannot see that. I just hope and wish for all of wrestling to find the true meaning of respect, revolution, evolution and women’s wrestling because it's right in front of you, just have to pull the trigger.

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