Thursday, January 17, 2019

Pros and cons of the women's evolution

If there was a year for women's wrestling it was 2018 but 2019 has certainly not started the same. Lets flashback to what 2018 accomplished, and what I was not a fan of before I get into 2019.

Pros of evolution:
  • First of all we had the first ever women's royal rumble. I know seeing Lita return for that Rumble match certainly got me in my feelings. My favorite wrestlers growing up, what got me into wrestling and seeing her was going down memory lane. Also the women's match was amazing and lead to a great wrestlemania match of Charlotte VS. Asuka which got everyone to argue that women should main event next year. 
  • We had first ever women's money in the bank match for it being duel branded, year before was just Smackdown ladies. Booking wise we can agree that Bliss winning did completely nothing for the future for her, but it was a huge moment in women's wrestling and Sasha and Becky stole the show with proof of why they are the best of the 4 hoursewomen. 
  • Mae Young Classic swept everyone's hearts away and made so many fall in love with women's wrestling. Toni Storm winning was great for not just women's wrestling but for wrestling around the world. It put eyes on the UK division and we got to see legends like Meiko perform, which she is a god who I respect so much. It was great watching women from the US and all around the world and the independents show their talent and it put eyes on all of women's wrestling. 
  • NXT women's division flourished the most that it has since we had Becky, Sasha and Bayley all on NXT. Bianca Blair is my favorite NXT wrestler right now and to me there is no one more ready then her. She is a star and that is because she made herself one. 
  • We had a women's all PPV which made me cry my eyes out. I cried during most of this PPV. I am so emotional about wrestling in general and I am so deeply passionate about women's wrestling, right in that exact moment I really felt we made it as women in the wrestling industry all around the world. With Sasha, Bayley and Natalya all hitting finishes to their heroes to Charlotte and Becky stealing the show to witnessing Lita and Trish Stratus teaming up in a WWE ring again. It was the PPV of the year to me not only for match quality but for moments.
  • Asuka, Charlotte and Becky main eventing a duel PPV, TLC. As women and as Smackdown women main eventing a duel PPV was one of the last pieces we needed to stamp at Wrestlemania their is no reason the ladies can't main event. This match really proved that women can do anything and the aggression they brought was more than the men. It was a huge
  • 2018 had the biggest debut of the year and biggest attraction and that was Ronda Rousey. Debate how you feel about it but it shook the media and sports world.
  • Lastly a lot of people like to say that Sasha Banks and Bayley had a bad 2018 due to their feud being cancelled but I disagree. If it wasn't for Sasha and Bayley we would not have the tag team championships going into 2019. There is no one more perfect to put that gold on then these two. These two are the Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels of the women's division. 

Cons of evolution:

First of all the Saudi Arabia discussion is a long one and one I do not agree with. WWE deciding to go to another country twice that has no interest in respecting or supporting women's rights in general, not even on the wrestling topic is degrading and hard to swallow. They apologized and removed a video package because it displayed women's strengths in sports and because they were not wearing enough clothes for that country to feel appropriate. I was trolled, disrespected, made fun of and stalked on social media for not supporting this movement WWE was supporting. I was told that I am not a real wrestling fan if I didn't watch the PPV and I didn't watch the PPV. Thankfully through all of the nasty comments I received I got to listen to an interview with Lita. Wrestlezone interviewed her and she said how she didn't support it and how they won't change their culture for WWE, that WWE was all about promoting and business, didn't care about he Evolution. My favorite wrestler growing up understanding where I was coming from comforted me in a way that no other article could. So yes I do not support the WWE going the Saudi Arabia just to respect their culture all to disregard and degrade everything our female wrestlers have worked hard for. That's their decision in the future, but I will never watch a PPV, spend my money and time on something I do not agree or support.

From the beginning of wrestling it feels, anytime the women were shown on TV as a valet, manager, eye candy, announcer or wrestler they were always supposed to have this sexist racist stereotypical look. The white girl with the long blonde good hair, perfect tan skin, tall body with enhancements and caked with makeup. We had a break during the divas era, but it came back when the women's revolution, to evolution sparked up. You had Charlotte and Alexa Bliss as your champions, then came along Carmella. Now they are pushing Mandy Rose and Lacey Evans. This was a part of the Evolution I have never been in support of. As I have always been big on Bayley, Sasha, Becky, Naomi and Nia. All the 4 horsewomen along with other female wrestlers really kept 2018 at a high point and are trying for 2019, but I needed to get into the cons of 2018 to make my point. I know a lot of you may feel like I'm being negative or too picky, but I am very passionate about wrestling and the respect of my gender. 


We are in 2019 right now and there really hasn't been any word on the tag titles until they just showed them on moment of bliss with Alexa for no reason. That didn't feel special, important, legendary or have any meaning whatsoever, when the meaning is everything. 

We have had WWE push showing "more skin" for women on TV ever sense their ratings have been confirmed to be lower. You have had Mandy Rose been getting this ridiculous push. No Wrestling involved, just this obsessively crazy white girl story about stealing a girls man. This whole story reminds me of the movie obsessed. Yes Mandy is the stereotype, she is this generations of a Trish Stratus look a like but wrestling wise she has nothing on Trish. Trish could wrestle, Trish hated the word diva, Trish wanted to always just wrestle and Trish more than anything cared about respect and always wanted her character protected. This Mandy thing seems to be the testing of a man's intelligence, will be get better ratings due to men just wanted to see a white tall women with enhancements and long legs. Don't all men just like white girls? No of course they don't, so shoving that expectation and stereotype is sexist and racist. Mandy wanting or pretending to seduce Trinity's husband is a real new low point on not only WWE television but women's wrestling. 

Another showing skin aspect WWE has got going on is having Alexa Bliss dress all sexy for her moment of Bliss's oh that's not bad guys but that's just how it started. This past Monday on Raw we had someone enter her locker room and she was half naked holding her shirt against her boobs to cover her cleavage. Hey if Bliss is okay with showing her body on TV for your information had no storyline to her showing all that whatsoever then that's on her but if this is WWE shoving ideas that we need that entertainment back of degrading women then that's just sick and gives me no respect for their business. 

You have Ronda Rousey who came from a sport where she wanted respect. She only came to the WWE when time was right, which she has said many times was she was not a fan of women showing their body and being degraded. Women are more than this and that is all true. Then you have Sasha Banks who always gives it a 100, who has been very vocal about looking up to men growing up because she hated the attitude era, she hated the way women are treated. She just wanted to wrestle. You have Bayley who rarely dresses sexy or shows skin, she just loves wrestling. You have Natalya who has been with the business forever and almost didn't make it due that era. You have a whole locker room of women that have fought, clawed, cried and bled for this business. Lita, Chyna, Trish, Ivory, Jackie, Madusa and many more didn't take all that disrespect for us to go in that circle all over again.

Not every single thing has been bad though. We had an amazing match at the Royal Rumble with Becky and Asuka, as well as Sasha and Ronda. I thought those two matches were the best single matches on the card. We also had Becky win the Rumble, which was a booking call we all wanted as fans but knowing the WWE's logic and past ways it was stressful. You have tag team tournament coming up at Elimination Chamber which is very exciting. The 4 horsewomen really stamped respect on women's wrestling and I really hope we can get more moments and opportunities. 

I just want WWE to think about what they are not only saying to their fans and women but to the little girls that are looking up to these female wrestlers. Do you want little girls to grow up more insecure than they already are? Do you want women to feel they need to bleach their skin, get enhancements, butt implants, cake themselves with make up and constantly fix their body because they don't look like the stereotype. You don't have to be white, you do not have to be blonde, you do not have to be skinny. As you saw in the Rumble, Mandy and Lacey the blonde white women were in the Rumble for a long time, and a lot of botches accord. The wanted the lights on them but Charlotte and Natalya were covering up their mistakes as much as possible. Women of all different shapes, sizes, skin colors, religious, cultural background and anything and everything else in between should and needs to be accepted. Nia Jax was in the Rumble this year, the mens Rumble! It was amazing and she got to face off with Orton and Mysterio. Intergender wrestling is something that could be a great few step forward. Nia is a perfect example of a women's wrestler that is different from the rest of the girls but hopefully one day there will be lots like her and lots different from her. A variety is what we need in this society, not shaming people for being different. 

WWE has a big voice and this is their show but your women's wrestling fans will walk away when there is so many independent wrestling companies that respect women and their talent. 


  1. I compliment you for addressing these issues and I feel that you likely speak for a lot of young , female WWE fans. One thing I would ask you to address is the WWE doing these shows in countries that "request" the Women do not perform on their shows... I don't think that agreeing to those conditions are a good practice for WWE in terms of morality and showing true conviction and integrity to ALL of their performers.

  2. Like you said they only care about promoting they don't care about the actual wrestling and talent of the women. Yes that is also an issue with Saudi Arabia, if they cares or respected them they wouldn't lie and say some day, when we all read the news and know whats going on. Thanks for your comment.