Sunday, February 17, 2019

Elimination Chamber

My favorite match of the night was herstory and the match to kick of the PPV, the women's tag team championship match. I saw a lot of people online complaining about the length of the match and the quality. I liked this Chamber match more than last years and more than the mens. If I were being picky I would of liked some highflying moves off the top like Sasha Banks frog splash but other than that I thought this entire match from start to finish was extremely amazing and very well booked. The correct tag team won in my opinion. Sasha and Bayley have been wanting women's tag team wrestling on the map for a long time now and having Usos, revival and Boss n Hug all tag team champions right now is moving us into the light for the tag team division. I really couldn't be any more happy right now. For me personally this match shed some tears, Sasha and Bayley have been the female wrestlers that got me back into wrestling and that I have been the most invested into. I'm very happy for them and very overwhelmed yet excited for the future.

Match wise may have not been the best on the card but I am so happy that the Usos became new tag team champions. They are the greatest tag team in the world to me and after everything they have been through as a tag team and with the DUI this past week, I am very happy for them. Tag team wrestling is going in the right direction and I would love to see Usos VS. Revival at Wrestlemania. I also personally had no investment into Shane and Miz as a tag team but I am interested into there storyline of continuing or splitting up.

Another interesting match which I wasn't too invested into but was surprised by the outcome was Finn Balor defeating Bobby Lashley. I am assuming this is to put Lio back in 205 live or split up him and Lashey. I really thought Finn winning at Wrestlemania would mean so much more, so I'm kinda let down by that excitement now. Booking and storyline wise this did nothing for me, but I hope they have some plans for Mania and Finn.

I thought Ronda and Ruby was what most of Ronda's matches should of been as her start as champion, short and shows her strengths. What happened after that match became not my favorite match, but favorite moment of the night. I thought Becky teasing us that she was faking knee injury or the severe knee injury part and attacking Charlotte and Ronda with crutches was fire. Both girls bled and it was aggressive. Becky is the hottest thing in wrestling and they will not have a choice but to add her to Wrestlemania match. I thought Charlotte's promo was good at beginning and her being the heel in this match is working but Becky is so over that no one is going to care about how good Charlotte's in ring ability is compared to the story between Becky and Ronda.

The Braun/Corbin no DQ match with all the interference was the weakest part of the night for me. It's all over the place for me. No storyline, it feels like a bunch of guys shoved into this match just because they don't have anything else for them.

I really was a little crabby about women's tag titles not main eventing the show but holy shit did Kofi and Daniel Bryan knock it out of the park. I thought the main event started a little slow for me. I did like the parts we got with AJ and Jeff Hardy. I would love to see a Wrestlemania match between those two. When this match really got fired up for me is when it came down to Kofi and Daniel Bryan. The Kofi hope I really felt and I so badly wanted Kofi to win but deep down I was just happy he got to show that he still got it and it was amazing to hear so many fans behind him. It felt good and it was amazing to see wrestling in it's purest form, art. Kofi added and was this match, I watch Kofi VS. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania!

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