Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Raw/SD Blog:

Raw had it's up and down this week but I did like the loser of the women's tag has to enter number one in elimination chamber. Very good match and I really thought Bayley was gonna win it for the injured Sasha and her, but she took the pin. This can create an amazing story for Sasha and Bayley having to fight as the iron women to become the first ever women's tag champions.

There was a lot of filler and lack of storylines on the show. Elias stuff I was not into, I feel they aren't using Elias to his best potential. The Braun, Finn, Kurt VS Lashley, Drew and Corbin has no strong story for me. All men in this match are feeling watered down and the only storyline I would be invested in is Finn beating Lashley for the title. More filler was Ruby defeating Nikki Cross, no reasoning behind this match. Ambrose defeated EC3 it was a so so match but I did like him telling Rollins to slay the beast.

I really enjoyed Rollins promo on Raw on Paul Heyman. I really enjoyed him stating how Brock hasn't been around and doesn't bleed for the WWE. Him stating he will go to hell if that means Brock is no longer champion as also very good. I hope they can keep adding story, promos and backstage vingates to this. This match I am looking forward to the most for Mania so far.

A surprising and exciting moment was the Revival finally winning tag team championships. I really enjoyed this match, greatest tag team match I have seen in a very long time. I'm very happy for them and I hope this is them going in the right direction for tag team division.

The biggest thing that happened on Raw was Becky Lynch being told by Vince that she is suspended for 60 days and that Charlotte is her replacement for Wrestlemania. Wrestling fans always complain about WWE being so predictable, but I personally wasn't expecting the storyline to go this way. As much as I would prefer Becky VS. Ronda, I am patient and enjoying the surprise and suspense with the storyline. Fans saying they will cancel network if Charlotte is added are impatient fans and that breaks my heart.

I thought on Smackdown Charlotte cut a really good promo. She got straight to the point of how good of a wrestler she is and how she has always been the main event. I also thought Charlotte handled herself very well with the fans chanting and booing while Ronda failed in that position a couple weeks ago. I am not one that wanted Charlotte added, but I'm willing to give the story a try and see if I get invested.

The women's tag match to determine who also will enter number 1 at chamber was alright. I enjoyed my girl Naomi pinning Mandy and I think a heel and a face starting out the Chamber is the way to go. The Smackdown girl do kind of look like the women of GLOW with there cute bodies and makeup and colorful gear. Just a side note I have been noticing. I did like the little promos they did for each women's tag team, its getting me real excited and in my feelings about the Chamber.

On the topic of tag team wrestling again. Another strong display by the Usos. I loved everything the usos said and them taking the mic out of the Miz's hand was great. There aggression and determination and passion for tag team wrestling has me star struck. I also liked the double superkick at the end. Real great stuff, I hope Usos win at Chamber. A match I would love to see at Mania is Usos VS. Revival. The two greatest in the business against each other would be a great moment.

So basically I'm pretty simple, all I ask for on the week of VDay is to watch New Day. :) Always great seeing those guys. Gauntlet match itself lasted entire second hour of show. Kofi is not a young man but he started the match out and looked like a damn highlight reel. It was a huge shocker that Kofi winning Daniel Bryan. I really liked that aspect of this match.  Kofi was in the role of Seth Rollins of last year, the iron man. He beat Joe, Hardy and DB. I really liked what AJ and Kofi did. Kofi getting aggressive with AJ when AJ was asking if he is ok. AJ and Kofi have some great chemistry, wouldn't mind a feud.  Kofi ends up losing to AJ but what a damn performance by Kofi. AJ gets and RKO out of nowhere and Randy Orton will be the last to leave Chamber on Sunday. Great match.

Interesting fact is all men in this chamber match are all in late 30s, early 40s. A lot of people complain the younger guys should get more spotlight but I like legends coming back and I like them honoring and letting there older talent show what they can do. Kofi certainly did that tonight.

WWE Smackdown Championship:
I am having Daniel Bryan retain, even though I would really like a new champion. I do think it will come down to Joe, AJ and DB. I fear we will be getting DB VS. AJ at Wrestlemania. It' just a feud and storyline I am not too invested into.

Smackdown tag team championships:
I am taking the Usos here. It may be kind of early but they need to start developing Shane and the Miz breaking up and feud that leads them to Wrestlemania.

Cruiserweight championship:
I am taking Buddy Murphy. Buddy is on fire and been one of the greatest champions all together in WWE. Who they build him up with for Mania I am not sure, but Cedric would be really cool.

IC Championship: 
I am taking Bobby retaining here due to it being Lashey and Lio against Finn. I do think this will go to Mania to give Finn that Wrestlemania moment that Seth had last year.

Raw Women's Championship:
I am taking Ronda and for this to be be a quick match for. Charlotte I'm sure will be in the crowd so the build will be after the match.

Braun VS. Corbin:
I am taking Braun to squash Corbin. Give Braun a big win.

Women's tag team championships: 
My heart and fingers are crossed that Bayley and Sasha become the first ever women's tag team champions. I am predicting them to be the iron women team that goes in at one and last till the end. I am expecting this to be a huge moment and for it to main event the show. My heart is so happy, I cannot wait!

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