Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Raw/SD blog:

I know the fan reaction was very poor on Raw but I actually really liked the show. I really enjoyed the way the show started out with Triple H discussing that NXT wrestlers will be on the show. One thing I would of liked is him give more of a detailed background on each wrestler. The WWE audience is not the NXT audience and a lot of them aren't familiar with NXT guys. Other than that I thought it was a perfect way to kick off the show, especially with DX being inducted into the hall of fame.

When I heard we were kicking off Monday Night Raw with a tables match, I was really excited. Then I saw it was between Corbin and Braun. They really have watered down Braun and that is something I never thought could happen. In ring and promo wise not great, but as a character he was the most over wrestler of a lot of 2018. The match itself was fine but Corbin screams not important to me, I feel bad saying that but this match did nothing for me. The only thing on the show that I wasn't a fan of besides Ryder and Hawkins losing to Lucha House Party. That match did nothing for me and it's not helping tag team division, only comedy acts.

My favorite part of the night was the introduction of Ricochet. This altered into an amazing match with Finn and Ricochet defeating Lio and Lashley. I don't read dirtsheets much, I really try to avoid spoilers, I like still having that as a fan, but I do know from listening to podcasts that the plan is Finn VS. Lashley at Mania or at least it was that before Finn won at Chamber. What I would love to see is feud between Ricochet and Finn, I know right now they are two faces but I really believe you could build a respectful feud between these two. I loved everything Ricochet did and that 630 always beautiful.

An outstanding tag team match was Ciampa and Gargano defeating the tag team champions the Revival. This was a really good match and yes Revival losing on their first ever defense did not make them look good, but if you know the history between these two it wouldn't mean much to you, only match quality.

Sasha and Bayley cut a promo that got a lot of hate on social media, but I liked the promo. I liked the realness and how organic and real it felt for them. You can see the emotion on their face and the words coming out mixed due to still in shock with happiness. I loved that we are going to see them battle on NXT, Raw and Smackdown, also past, present future. This automatically makes me want Trish and Lita VS. Boss n hug connection at Mania. I would pay to see that match! We do get Tamina and Nia coming out which I wasn't the biggest fan of see them feud with Sasha and Bayley or even Sonya and Mandy at this point. Nia cut a great promo, but right now someone from NXT would fit perfectly right now. One thing I do wish is that during this promo it was more of a celebration. You could have all women's wrestlers outside or inside the ring and Stephanie out there congratulating them. Then announce there will be a tournament on who will be facing Sasha and Bayley for Wrestlemania, then you could announce past women will be included if you wanted Lita and Trish included.

Drew defeated Ambrose real quick, seemed really odd. I do like the way they sold Dean coming back asking Seth why he didn't help him and Seth saying are you crazy and Dean just like ehh. It was a good promo, I love everything Dean does just wish he had more supporters of his work.

We got the magical entrance and debut by Aleister Black. I'd say the entrance was more memorable then the match. Loved it and him defeating Elias made NXT undefeated in action on Raw. This will be interesting if we get NXT VS. WWE at mania or invasions and matches every week. HHH VS. Vince would also be interesting.

Ronda VS. Ruby was a good match on Raw, I Just wish this was the outcome at the Chamber instead. Ronda is getting better in ring and more comfortable with her promos, I'm really excited with this Becky/Ronda/Charlotte storyline.

Great start to Smackdown with the Usos and Miz/Shane. I like the story of the rematch of how Shane didn't want it until Usos were calling Miz a failure and bad wrestlers. Usos always fire on the mic and looking forward to this story and who will be next to face Usos.

I enjoyed Black VS. Almas it was a shorter match than I expected and Black won but it was a great display for Black.

I thought the tag team action was fine between The Bar and DIY but just seeing DIY defeat the Revival wasn't the exact match I was looking for. or invested into.

It looks like Mandy Rose is getting a push as she defeated Asuka on Smackdown. I am not a fan of this. Her in ring skills, promo skills, charisma, character needs work in my opinion. I know she is a beautiful  women and in that category as being similar to Trish but I prefer seeing women like Sasha, Becky and Bayley.

Great promo by Charlotte pointing out that Becky is a ghost, mentioning she will get arrested if tires to get in her way again and talks about main event of WM is her VS. Ronda because she is the main event. Charlotte has been spitting out facts during the entire feud with Becky but she still has the heel attitude. Really really excited for the outcome of this storyline.

Corey Graves said it best Ricochet is someone out of a comic book. He looked great in this match and I always love that 630. :)

As of right now I do believe Kofi is more over than Becky Lynch and there is nothing wrong with that. Becky has a certain hardcore fan base and I am one of those people. I been supporting Becky sense she was in NXT. I do think Kofi being a male and being more relatable to the male fan base is at this time getting him more over than Becky but I do feel Becky is someone that can be over long term.

Just amazing guys we are getting Kofi VS. DB at fastlane. Matches high parts were all with Kofi, I'm so happy for the guy.

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