Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Raw/SD Blog:

This week WWE had a different feel. A more edgier and clearer feel. I really enjoyed both shows, we got a lot out of this week in wrestling.

A very emotional moment was Roman addressing he is in remission. He was diagnosed with Cancer in October and it was so good to see him happy and healthy. The almost Shield reunion was also a very good feel good moment on Raw. I enjoyed seeing Roman back in action, even if it was just his greatest hits.

The revival lost for the second week in a row. I was okay with it last week but I do not like the tag team champions losing to NXT aka developmental talent.

We finally got the Becky Lynch 316 going to jail moment. I liked this but I did feel it didn't feel as powerful as if they did this at the Elimination Chamber. I am interested in where this story goes but honestly it feels like they are running out of ideas. I would just like Becky to cut some of those fire promos that got her over to begin with. Her suspended and not involved in the match or arena is doing nothing for this feud. I also think on such a big night on Raw with so many events and shockers happening, it watered Becky/Ronday feud down just a little bit. If this happened ending Raw would of been money. I did like everything Ronda did on Raw. Her lying title in middle of ring and saying if I don't get the best, Becky I'm done.

My favorite match of the night with them going to shorter matches more segments was Sasha VS. Nia. I was very surprised Nia even lost this match, but I was glad Bayley got the win. It's good seeing Bayley and Sasha back in the winning column. I just really hope this isn't all for them to drop the titles at fastlane. I still would really love to see them face Lita and Trish at Mania or even the IIconics.

I personally wasn't too excited for this Ric Flair celebration but in the end I did enjoy it. I liked Batista's promo and the attacking of Ric. It wasn't too much of a surprise to me as people were tweeting out spoilers of who was backstage the entire day. I make it very clear in my blogs and on social media that I don't go to wrestling websites aka the dirtsheets and that I do not like spoilers. It was a let down but to be honest I am very excited for HHH VS. Batista at mania.

I can tell Bruce Prichard is back with the way Smackdown didn't feel predictable and was a fast paced desirable show. Vince taking Kofi out of title match just like he did to Becky I liked. Everyone on social media talks about how much they hate Vince, how he ruins wrestling. Well, why not make it a storyline, I love it. I do think in the end Kofi will be winning at Wrestlemania and become new champion. It's just something the fans want and something the WWE should take advantage of.  With all this we get the return of Kevin Owens. KO looked good and there is so a story to tell with him and DB. I do like DB and Vince possibly working together with the wink at the end there.

The Hardy Boyz reuniting and beating The Bar was also another very nice surprise. I know people online complain that they are old but please give me Usos VS. Hardy Boyz at Wrestlemania. I love these two teams regardless of age or amount of titles they have held.

R-Truth and Mella are great together, very funny I enjoy them. Adding Almas and Mysterio to this United States title feud I really enjoy. I would be for Almas beating Truth and then Rey beating Almas at Mania.

Charlotte once again cut another amazing promo. Charlotte is the best when she is a heel and can work that crowd. The thing is everything this woman says is the truth, it's spot on. Charlotte looked like a star on Smackdown with her promo and I am very intrigued to see what happens on Raw.

Ricochet and Black as a tag team is good for now, but it's something that I'm not feeling chemistry wise. I know it will take time to introduce characters but putting NXT talent all in tag team action is a mistake to me.

Owens and Kofi defeat Rowan and DB. This was a good match but I do not like seeing the champ lose matches that aren't for the title on a PPV.

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