Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Becky Lynch spits the truth and Rollins is ready to slay the beast

I really enjoyed Raw a lot this week. 3 hours of straight storylines and notable matches. 

I absolutely loved the way Raw started out with first the Shield farewell and then the Rollins promo on Brock/Paul Heyman. The Shield farewell felt genuine and real, like maybe this is really the end. They all going their separate ways and going their own path. Rollins promo on Paul Heyman regarding Brock Lesnar felt like heel Rollins. It was aggressive and it really felt like he is ready to slay the beast. A nice surprise of Shelton having a match with Rollins. This fit so perfect into the story with Shelton and Brock training in Minnesota. Match was solid I just wish Shelton wasn't using Brock's move and they let these two just have a classic match. I am happy for Shelton getting on TV, I hope they use him more.

Finn's title reign felt non exciting, and stale at times. I felt it was needed for Lashley to become champion again. Match itself was fine and the interference by Lio Rush was predictable but spot on. There is so many talented babyfaces that could face Lashley or get added with Finn, Lashley feud going into Mania.

Ronda Rousey cut a good heel promo if she was in UFC but ripping the WWE so much and the wrestling business in general, it's like well why are you here then. She talks about she has enough money to be set for life. It all doesn't make sense to me. What I did love was Dana Brooke! She just came out there with nothing to lose and knocked it out of the park. Girl deserves a damn push after that. I loved how she talked about how much she loves wrestling and being part of the WWE. How she isn't on TV but just wants a chance and she refuses someone that gets opportunities handed to her to disrespect the business. If anyone else cut this promo regardless if it was nailed horribly would be talked about all over the internet, but with it being Dana people just aren't talking about it. I love Dana, and loved everything about this.

A no contest match but enjoyed the return of Beth Phoenix and her and Natalya being a team. Also enjoyed Sasha and Bayley attacking Nia and Tamina backstage. Bayley and Sasha are amazing in ring and in this spot but seeing their more aggressive side will do wonders.

I was not the biggest fan of Batista's promo. I liked everything HHH said, but I do think not giving Batista what he wants could give us more hype and a storyline for Wrestlemania. Something easy as threatening Stephanie or attacking Vince would of been good, but we will see what happens forward.

Emotional moment for Kurt announcing his retirement will happen after Mania. Glad he could talk about this in Pittsburgh. Great match with him and Apollo, someone that admired him growing up.

What a main event, this is what Raw has been missing. It was great. Dean is really great and it sucks that he keeps taking this losses but he sure will be maybe the most over by the time he leaves.

Smackdown was an easy show to watch but as far as booking Wrestlemania wise, it didn't add too much. I still don't know what is going on with Asuaka for mania.

I liked everything Shane had to say to start the show. He is really doing great work as a heel. Looking forward to this match at Mania. I like how they didn't have Miz on TV also, to give us some room to build this all before they touch.

My favorite match on Smackdown was Hardyz, Black and Ricochet against The Bar, Rusev and Shinsuke. The match itself was amazing and I would of liked a finish, but the attack from New Day was good. We are used to New Day always joking around, I liked them putting an explanation point on wanting to be taken seriously.

Randy Orton delivered the greatest promo all year. I loved him calling AJ out for working with TNA and the indies, always enjoyed him saying this is the house RKO built because honestly it really is. I thought AJ's promo was fine and had some points but oh boy Randy Orton just had fire coming out of his mouth.

Asuka defeated Sonya and I didn't really like the match or the ending. Sonya is a notable opponent, this is something that should of been saved for Wrestlemania. Instead they care more about building a Sonya and Mandy feud.

Good tag team action in the United States championship feud. We got Mysterio pinning Samoa Joe. I have been wanting Andrade VS. Mysterio for Mania but honestly him VS. Joe would be a great underdog storyline.

Fans have really hated on Vince and WWE creative for the Becky and now Kofi storyline of their opportunity being taken away from them and having to prove themselves but I honestly like it. Have fans ever heard of sympathy for babyface. New Day cut a great promo on Vince on why Kofi has earned his opportunity and Vince did a good job of being the bad guy as no one is given or gets anything in this world, saying about he built this company from ground up. I also like how Vince brings up his past with Kofi in this promo, calling him B plus player. Kofi just cut a promo on how a lot of wrestlers and fans feel. Kofi goes into Vince having the look in a star and he goes into not being around his family, all for wrestling. He goes into never complaining though and it was a heartfelt real moment right there in that promo. Vince keeps putting obstacles in Kofi's way by telling him to beat all these wrestler in a guatlant match next week, then goes to Mania.

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