Thursday, March 21, 2019

Beth returns, Rollins falls to Drew and IIconics get a win

First of all I want to get into 205 live. I am a huge fan of 205 live and enjoy the in ring product of the show every week. I do have to say I'm interested in this Tony babyface push, but deep down I a do wish it was Cedric facing Buddy, as he is my favorite. I am very excited for Wrestlemania and this match though.

For me this Raw started out so hot but became filler the more the show went on. I do think not having Roman or Becky did diminish the start quality a lot.

I absolutely loved the way Raw started out with my man Seth Freakin Rollins. To be honest I don't need a long promo from Brock or Paul, so I really liked Seth coming down to attack Drew and just having Brock watch. Seth Rollins has been absolutely incredible for the past two years especially. I do not understand how someone can not root for this man or not be excited for Wrestlemania. With all this said I personally didn't like Drew pinning Seth due to distraction from Brock. I really feel Seth should be at his highest point and I don't really need to see Brock and Seth near each other. I have been really enjoying the Rollins promos and as much as I know they want to push Drew, I really wish they would focus on their main star in my opinion, Seth freakin Rollins.

The match I enjoyed the most was Gable VS. Kurt, just wow. This match would of actually been a perfect match for Kurt's last match. I know there is so much uproar about Kurt facing Corbin, but it doesn't need to be some fairy tail goodbye like Shawn and Flair. I just would like to see Kurt come out on top. Regardless, I know how hard Kurt works and it will be a great match no matter what everyone else thinks.

Highpoint of the night for me was Beth Phoenix coming out of retirement to challenge Sasha and Bayley. Divas of doom VS. Boss n hug connection screams Wrestle fucking mania to me until they add Tamina and Nia. No doubt Nia has improved and has been an amazing heel but I do feel they will keep adding tag teams to this match. It just makes it feel less special for me, especially with the return of Beth Phoenix. Personally I really enjoyed the Bayley and Beth back and forth and staredown. It felt like a main event storyline.

I like Dana Brooke a lot. Out of all the blondes that came from fitness or modeling, I have always preferred Dana. I watched a lot of her NXT stuff, working through injury, trying to prove herself and working her ass off. I respect her so much and really wanted a strong moment for her. Sadly they had Ronda just bury her and I do understand why, to make Ronda strong and dominant. I just really wish Dana could of got more in.

I thought Smackdown was a really really good show and built to Mania more than Raw did.

The promo the Miz delivered to start off the show was truly a special and highpoint moment of the Miz. He is really feeling those babyface vibes and delivered a perfect baby promo. I usually look forward to matches for than a story or promo but with Miz talking about flipping burgers and working hard to get his dream job, it really is relatable and heartfelt.

I loved seeing Sasha and Bayley on Smackdown and match was fine but I know IIconics winning this match will just add them to the Wrestlemania match. I am not the biggest fan of tag team matches involving lots of tag teams and I don't want the Divas of doom storyline diminished in any way. But with that all said if they are going that rout I'm all for seeing all the talent in the world involved. I hope they would add an NXT team if this is the direction they are going.

I usually love the Kevin Owens show and don't get me wrong he was hilarious but Becky and Charlotte we have seen fight, brawl and for me it's getting repetitive. It's almost like they are running out of ideas for this story. I do think it's good to keep Ronda away from them, but I am still a little confused on what Charlotte's part is in this. I would of liked something more heated. With that said both ladies delivered well.

The story of the year that came out of nowhere is Kofi Kingston. Kofi has been in two gauntlet matches in the past month and got so over that they are going with this. I really love this story and how they are teasing it and pulling on the heart strings of us fans. Fans we are going to get Kofi VS. DB at mania, they are just milking this and I love it. A last minute booking for Kofi to finally get his opportunity is going to be so emotional and perfect, trust me everyone. :)

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