Sunday, March 10, 2019


I really enjoyed Fastlane. It was an easy to watch pay per view, along with some key spots and points during the show.

The first match of the night was Shane and Miz losing to the Usos. Many reasons why I liked this match, one was the story. We had an incredible wrestling match and Miz really wow'd me in this match, but after the match was the highspot. Shane turned on Miz. I honestly was thinking it would go the other way around, but I really have been enjoying baby face Miz. 

Second match of the night I have expressed having no interest in, but I did enjoy Asuka just dominating Mandy. Mandy did have some mistakes and botches, which worried me with Asuka almost getting injured at a live event by her. WWE really needs to stop rushing their talent that doesn't have experience to be called up. Mandy still has a lot of work to do, not only wrestling, so many things go into this including promos, camera angles, expressions, chemistry, just so much in my opinion she seems lost towards and needs experience with. 

Vince is a genius. We all thought Kofi would be added to title match but instead Kofi had to face both Bar members and Ali got added to title match. I like what they are doing with Kofi, but I would prefer Ali in this spot to face Daniel at Mania. Nothing against, Kofi he is amazing and I am still looking forward to the match, I just see Ali more in that underdog role. 

My second favorite match of the night! Boss n hug connection defeating Nia and Tamina. My god, do I love Sasha and Bayley with all my heart. Their tag team chemistry and love for one another is so pure. Anything from the tag team moves they did together, to breaking up pins, to having each others back, very great match. Tamina and Nia looked good as well but it did feel Sasha carried a lot of this match. The ending of this match added a story for us. Beth Phoenix sticking up for boss n hug connection and gets attacked by Nia. Natalya comes down to help but gets attacked as well. Great story, great to add more tag teams. For mania I would love Sasha/Bayley VS. Beth/Natalya VS. Lita/Trish, but Nia/Tamina VS. Beth/Natalya would also be money. I just don't want the title off Boss n hug connection.

My favorite match of the night was the tag team championship, with the Revival retaining their titles. Just wow, this match had everything. It had your story, chemistry, highspots, rest holds, low spots, saves, It really had everything. This match brought back memories of Edge and Christian, Hardy Boyz, and early 2000s days. I love old school tag team wrestling mixed with this generations. Well done gentleman, 5 star match in my heart. 

I really enjoyed watching Andrade and Mysterio going at each other and R-Truth hitting John Cena's moves, but this was really all about Joe. A stamp on the US title and the division that Joe aint going anywhere and that he will dominate everyone on the roster if he has to. I would prefer Joe in Daniel Bryan's spot, but any gold is good gold. 

We got the surprise of Ali being added to WWE title match, which was a nice surprise until the fans started shitting on the match and chanting they want Kofi. With all that said Ali, Owens and Bryan did an amazing job getting the fans engated. This was an amazing match and showed each wrestlers strengths. Good win for Bryan that I'm sure will book him with Kofi at Mania. Owens was well protected as well as the stunner which I liked. 

I love me some Becky Lynch, but this match personally for me felt sloppy. I think we can end this whole bringing crutches to the ring. The predictable part of Ronda interfering may have taken me also out of the moment. I thought Becky looked good selling which made the story for me. I am invested into this story and am looking forward and interested into what is next, but tonight I just wasn't feeling. Maybe it's because we have had so many vicious attacks, it's like what can they possibly do next. 

I thought main event was well appropriate. This is Roman's come back match and he deserves to have the light and lights on him tonight. I always love seeing the Shield together, so it was a feel good happy moment personally for me to watch and experience. 

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