Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Kofi Mania, slaying the beast and Charlotte is new champ

I hope everyone is having a great week and is getting excited, because Wrestlemania is almost here! I really enjoyed both shows this week.

I really liked the beat the clock challenge. It was a simple way in having Becky go over without the ladies attacking one another. Becky is still on fire, while Ronda at times has looked dumb and Charlotte just doesn't fit into this story. They are the main event and deserve all the credit in the world. Personally to me I would prefer Rollins/Brock the main event. I would of liked the first ever women's main even to be fatal 4-way of the 4 horsewomen. Nonetheless, congrats to all the ladies, it is an emotional pure moment.

Sasha Banks and Natalya had an amazing match but it was interrupted by Nia and Tamina. We got to see Beth's strength and Sasha Banks demanding they are open to facing all comers at Mania. Really good match and segment.

We got a short match that advanced Finn for a IC rematch at Mania. I would like to see Finn have his Wrestlemania moment, but would like someone else added into this IC title match. We also had Ricochet and Black defeat the tag team champions, which this will most likely be on the pre-show for Wrestlemania. For me a Wrestlemania pre show is still part of the show, its must watch.

I really enjoyed the Seth Rollins promo and his response to Paul Heyman. I think it would be so cool if he did have fans come down to the ring with him for this Wrestlemania match with Brock. I have been really falling in love with Rollins as a baby face for the last year now. He never gets enough credit for his in ring skills and mic skills. I am really excited for this match and everything Rollins will bring to it.

It was good to see Kurt and Joe have one last match with each other. I have no problem with Kurts last match being with Corbin at Mania. I really like this farewell tour that Kurt is giving us. Good matches and great memories.

I really have always enjoyed Triple H on the mic. Growing up him and Edge were my favorite heels in wrestling, but he could always transform into a babyface very well. Triple H is really making Batista look weak and match wise I am not excited for this, but anything with Triple H is keeping me glued.

God bless Dean Ambrose. I am not sure if this is his last month with the WWE or not but he just makes me laugh with requesting all these crazy matches. I never want to hear anyone again say Dean Ambrose is boring, because he may leave WWE as the most over wrestler outside of Kofi and Becky of course.

I don't know if WWE doesn't believe in Asuka or if plans just changed last minute due to injury, but they had Charlotte become new women's champion. I really feel for Asuka and my opinion on Charlotte is, if you have to put gold on her for her to belong in the Becky/Ronda storyline probably means she just doesn't belong. This doesn't mean Charlotte doesn't deserve to be champion, it just means Asuka was done dirty and no one is gonna see this as Charlotte "proving herself."

I was really looking forward to AJ VS. Kurt but it was all interrupted by Orton. All this really did nothing for me, I really wanted the match.

I really have enjoyed everything Shane has done as a babyface, I'm so hooked and glued for Wrestlemania and this match.

Smackdown was an amazing show and wrestling has been incredible all due to Kofi these last couple months. Kofi is finally going to Wrestlemania and wow the booking, story, emotion, everything couldn't be anymore perfect. The Usos forfeiting really got me emotional and the ending was just incredible. Kofi Mania is on and I am so excited!!!

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