Thursday, March 7, 2019

Ronda heel turn, the Shield, and Becky Lynch haters

Hello everyone, so you may have noticed some changes to flipsandslams. I decided to remove my Twitter @flipsandslams and discontinue my youtube show wrestling fix. I want to just focus on the blogging and writing part of my website right now and not the promotional and toxic social media part. I also want to go to school on editing and promotional before I continue my youtube series. I deeply appreciate everyone's support. So let me continue or start over my website with my thoughts on Raw and SD this week.

The peek and main part of Raw was would the Shield get back together. I would of preferred the Shield reunion being in the main event spot, but I did like the set up and story during entire show. Also Dean needs some credit for how good he is. He has so much passion, energy and chemistry in that ring with the Shield. Even when you believe they won't reunite and how many times they have, he still makes it believable and exciting.

I thought Batista's IG promo was ok, but it never really gave me an answer on why he wants Triple H at mania. I did like Triple H's promo a lot, this is what is missing in all of wrestling for me, this personal deep organic promos. H delivery was perfect and match wise I'm not that excited for this but build and promo wise I am.

The main event spot was supposed to be Stephanie letting Becky and Charlotte know whoever wins at fastlane is new women's champion with Ronda disrespecting the title last week. Ronda does appear and totally goes heel and destroys Becky. I liked Ronda's promo and her heel turn but what I would of liked is if Charlotte was the one getting attacked instead. The thing people don't understand and what Ronda needs to understand is people don't boo her because she is bad in ring, they boo her because she came from UFC, she is not like Sasha, Becky or Bayley wanting to become wrestlers since they were young. The fanbase should and does gravitate towards the women that always wanted this. In Ronda's promos she talks about how she earned our respect and how she never took the easy way out, but the thing is it's not up to her if she has earned our respect. She was a white privileged rich girl that luckily got to live all her dreams, not everyone does and that's why the WWE universe gravitates to Becky. Now on Becky, everyone hating on her saying certain fan base is blind or she is trying to hard to be Stone Cold. If this Becky gimmick was happening in early 2000s with Lita and Trish, we probably would have no Trish. This gimmick and everything Becky is is over and entertaining. If you are entertained I don't see the bickering, complaining and comparing problem. I do have to say Ronda looks way more bad ass with pants or tights on than her UFC shorts.  Also a lot are saying Becky is being watered down, which I disagree with. If the plan is for Becky to beat Ronda or Charlotte at Mania, you need her to be in that underdog role because everyone is bringing her down right now. Management, condescending jealous fans, wrestlers, and they need Becky to build herself back up when Mania happens. I would of preferred a Daniel Bryan storyline more than this fastlane match, but I am very excited for this story regardless.

In regards to bad ass Ronda Rousey. I have never been a fan of her. I wasn't in UFC, and I'm not in WWE. Honestly I hope Becky destroys her and embarrasses her at Wrestlemania. Let's get into Ronda's new attitude of calling wrestling fake. Let's all be honest here Ronda was known for Judo that's it. She only dominated the sport because there was no competition, sure give her credit for putting eyes on the sport, but also give Dana credit. Her last two fights she looked like shit, cried in the ring like a privileged white girl not getting what she wants. She thought she earned the fans respect in WWE, but getting booed got to her emotions. It's not up to Ronda if respect has been earned, respected or given. That really is the fans decision. Why does she, Vince or creative thinks fans are chanting Sasha and Becky louder. I will give you the short answer, those two fought and clawed and were a story that was not supposed to happen. The dreamed of being wrestlers since a young age, that's easy to invest into. If WWE wants there top storyline to do with how wrestling is fake or predetermined that's their call. They will get the heat, but they will also not make their product serious anymore. This is a live TV show, you don't see walking dead be like just kidding I didn't die, zombies aren't real. I think Ronda has gotten better on the mic and in the ring, but if this is not a story and they had to turn her heel because of her stuck up ways, I don't want her anywhere near a WWE ring.

I really loved the way Smackdown started out. I really enjoyed the promo that Kevin Owens cut on Daniel Bryan, I thought Owens looked and hit a promo better here than Daniel Bryan. I know everyone wants Kofi VS. Bryan at Mania and yes that is money, but I personally would love Owens winning at fastlane. I am really loving him as a babyface.

Joe becomes new united states champion. Smackdown has been given us surprises and I really enjoy that. Joe has deserved being champion for a very long time and it's about time. Out of this match I did really enjoy the chemistry and back and forth with Almas and Mysterio. I really hope me get more of a story than just a pre show match at fastlane.

With Ricochet and Black being in dusty roads classic and my personal favorite pick, I actually like them tagging on Raw and Smackdown. I do not though want Revival, The Bar and top tag teams to be losing to NXT/developmental talent all the time. Do I want this tag team together long term, no but it's a good story.

We got more of Charlotte and Becky which I'm more invested into than Charlotte/Becky/Ronda. Ronda seems like she doesn't even want to be in the storyline honestly but like I said I did enjoy that heel turn on Raw. This was good between Charlotte and Becky, these two never dissapoint. I really did like the armbar on Charlotte and how Smackdown ended.

Fastlane is already this Sunday and my predictions below!

Mysterio/Andrade: This should be on the pre-show, but I am going with Rey Mysterio getting the win here or a quick roll up pin. I do want this match at Mania and lets all appreciate Zelina and they need to use her more like the did on Smackdown.

Revival/Black & Ricochet/Gable & Roode: Revival pinning Gable and Roode with Roode turning on Gable. I want heel Roode! I do not seeing Ricochet and Black winning here, but I also don't see them taking the pin. Revival also need something right now, they are champions but haven't won since winning gold.

Asuka/Mandy: If you read my blogs, you know how much I am not a fan of Mandy. It's not her fault that she was shoved into this feud and shoved so soon into in ring action without hardly any NXT experience and training. I say the same about Charlotte even though Charlotte is great in ring, but just because you have come from an fitness background and are super athletic doesn't mean you are a good wrestler or will be. WWE has given her and Lacey a couple of opportunities that they have just bombed. With all of this said, I am taking Auska defeating Mandy or we get some interference that alters into Sonya VS. Asuka at Mania, which I would love to see.

Sasha & Bayley/Tamina & Nia: I know the past of Sasha not being able to hold a title long and all these haters saying women's tag team division is watered down, but I believe in Sasha and Bayley and I believe they will not only win but put on an incredible wrestling match. I am predicting also that we get IIConics or some NXT talent coming out after.

Usos/Miz & Shane: This may be too predictable to everyone, but I do feel Miz will turn on Shane after they lose this match. I do not see Usos losing here, unless their contract negotiations are ending soon.

Charlotte/Becky: I do not think WWE wants Charlotte to lose here, but you also want Becky added so she can't lose. I am taking this to be a long intense great wrestling match, but with Ronda interfering at the end and that's how it becomes a triple threat. Also I feel in this feud that I want to add is Becky shouldn't smile, she should be pissed that she has to be added when she won the damn Royal Rumble.

Daniel Bryan/Kevin Owens: I hope this is the main event of the night, Smackdown deserves this as well as DB and Owens. I am taking Daniel Bryan beating Owens, or cheating. I know Kofi is over and I am assuming this is the way that goes.

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