Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Raw/SD blog

I thought Raw and Smackdown this week was alright. We have had a great long weekend of wrestling and I may be the crazy one here but I could so watch more good wrestling. :)

I loved the opening to Raw with Seth Rollins and Kofi. A part of me just wishes it could of been Rollins night and wait for the title vs title match but it was still entertaining. I really thought Seth deserved more recognition and more of a celebration and credit for slaying the beast.

The Revival and Boss n Hug connection both lost at Wrestlemania and both got squashed or lost on Raw. Bayley got squashed while Revival lost again. I'm not sure if both tag teams are on their way out, in the dog house or new creative move. I really do feel for all four of them, they have made tag team wrestling good again and really put it back on the map but hopefully this is all for them to go to Smackdown or have a heel turn.

We got the debut of Lars who I have no interest in watching. He looks like another Brock Lesnar wanna be. We will see where this creative angle goes, but we all know WWE with the big guys.

I am really happy for Becky defeating Ronda and Charlotte, but handing her Lacey Evans on Raw made her and the whole double champ thing feel so watered down and cold. I would love to see Becky VS. Sasha, an intense feud with them would be great but these Lacey's Mandy's, Bliss's is nothing I personally want to see. Now that Becky is a double champ and on both brands it feels they are not taking the rest of the division seriously, kind of like they did when Ronda was champion. There is so much talent, they need more storylines.

My favorite match of the night was Finn VS Sami and Sami turning heel. I really liked everything he said on the mic about social media, fans and just this world. He will be a great heel.

Undertaker returned and of course it was cool but he just did not look good. This is all for him to have a match with Elias and I love legends but it's just time to put them boots in the closet.

Seth Rollins and Kofi had a great match but it was interrupted by the Bar. I am really looking forward to the build of this story of Kofi VS Rollins if they go that way.

Dean's last match with WWE well wasn't a match, he just got destroyed by Lashley. There was a moment that should of aired on TV and that was the Shield hugging and appreciating Dean one last time.

I am glad Kofi has had these moments, but we kind of had a celebration on Raw and then we have another one on Smackdown. Good for the bar and Drew creating a staple but honestly the white international guys all tagging together does nothing for me.

Really good tag team with Black, Ali and Ricochet defeating Almas, Rusev and Shinsuke, but there is really no story to this right now. Great in ring match though.

I am really interested in this Braun and Joe feud heating up, this can be something that elevates Braun back up.

IIconics just do nothing for me as tag team champions and all it does is make me miss Sasha and Bayley as the champs. They had a local talent match that was just that. Paige looks like she is hinting at managing Lo and Kari, so that should at least be pretty interesting.

We had a lot of women's wrestling over the weekend, but it really feels like they have diminished a lot of that on Raw and Smackdown. Not much happening with the women.

I don't care what anyone says, I love the Hardy Boyz. Brothers VS Brothers. Hardyz VS Usos was a magical match with so much meaning. It was also an amazing match and the Hardyz are new tag team champions. I am so happy for the Hardyz.

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