Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Raw/SD Blog:

Both shows are showing a lot of promise with storylines and as much as Smackdown got the best out of the superstar shakeup, Raw is certainly showing the star power and possible feud of the last 10 years AJ Styles VS. Seth Rollins.

Match of the night on Raw for me certainly was the AJ VS. Joe VS. Mysterio. To me AJ VS. Rollins was the obvious and with it being the obvious I really felt like we could wait for it. I was really rooting for Samoa Joe being this great heel and Rollins being this great babyface. Match itself was absolutely amazing and showed any man can really face Rollins in the end.

Naomi on Raw is cool, but her facing the tag team champions with no partner and no reason really explains Sasha and Bayley's frustration with no words needed. Also if people can't remember Naomi had a feud with the IIconics going into Australia with the exact almost same storyline, except no titles attached. IIconics don't deserve the blame for the tag team championships almost becoming nothing, while they were my favorite titles going into Mania, but it's hard to take them seriously and it's hard to care much for them when WWE is showing no care. I feel the frustration from the women's locker room. I also don't want Naomi to win a couple then go back right to where she was on SMackdown with losing and not on the show. As far as athletic ability goes Naomi is my favorite in ring and I've wanted her VS Charlotte feud, but we will have to see what's next, hopefully WWE make their women's division a priority when it doesn't always include Ronda, Charlotte and their blonde girl fantasy.

I do have to say with the topic on women's wrestling, I do appreciate what the independence and promotions outside of Impact and WWE do differently. They don't constantly bring up the debate of Diva VS. this generation of a women's wrestler and they don't slut shame based on someone's looks or past. I would like to see more respect in the wrestling business between women. We have all fought for respect, why don't we give another that?

Sami has really been the best moments of Raw and at this point I am very surprised they haven't placed that Sami VS. Rollins match into place, but they must have plans. Sami has been killing it with his promos and he is perfecting being a heel. I can't wait for who he chooses to feud with and what we get next from him.

I'm happy to see Cesaro back, but it's Cedric's first match on Raw and he loses in pretty quick fashion too. To me Cedric Alexander is everything you see in a star and need in a star. He is great in ring, his promo skills could be better but I personally like his real soul and he has charisma. I would love seeing him in the WWE championship match one day. For now I think he fits perfect in that United States Championship match.

The Vikings Raiders are bad ass and very good in ring, but personally they are missing something for me. I do not care to see them pushed right now, but instead am 100% invested into Revival VS. Usos.

Becky has two belts and beat Ronda at Wrestlemania but all of that doesn't really feel like it. Why is the champion facing talent that hasn't ever been champion or hasn't been relevant for years? Becky's first feud should of been with Natalya or Ruby, women that have talent, have always had talent and can put together a great match and story with Becky. We have just been getting singles matches with no story and then this Lacey story which is more annoying than anything. Lacey's personal story about her dad committing suicide a few days before her WWE tryout, doing everything for her daughter and have wanting to be a wrestler while in the military is a great story. This whole I'm blonde, feminist, women's rights, better than men, yet I still show off my assets and dress not like a lady is all annoying and just proving what WWE has always pushed. Lacey is no model, she was in the marines, she went through struggles. The whole Becky Lynch promo of slut shaming her and them having Lacey sexualize herself I am not a fan of at all. We are really above all of this.

The main event wasn't your match you probably would stay up till 10pm for, but having AJ Styles win and the faceoff between him Rollins was really everything. This makes me believe in wrestling and the potential they can give to Rollins and AJ. The story you can build is limitless, these are the two greatest in ring performers of our generation.

It really seems like WWE has a lot of hope in Elias by having him and Shane get the best of Roman. I am not sure if this is leading to Roman getting a partner or what, but Roman is too much of a star to be losing to either of these men.

Andrade started out so hot on Raw but now we get him losing to Finn on Smackdown. I am really curious with this storyline as Zelina was the reason he lost. I am wondering if they are really having Charlotte to replace Zelina as her and Andrade are apparently engaged. I may be reading into this one a little too much, but I am interested to see where Andrade goes from here.

The women's tag titles meant something with Sasha and Bayley, they showed they wanted to travel to all brands and make these titles everything and more. Now we have the IIconics losing in singles matches week after week, fire and desire, Kari, Asuka all wanting in, but it just feels like none of this is being taken seriously. No offense but I don't see the star power or feel the urgency to make these titles mean something, unlike the way that Sasha and Bayley made them feel and even Natalya and Beth.

I absolutely loved Aleister Blacks promo! He is unique, he is different and that is what I love about him, cannot wait for him character to unleash.

I have never had any desire in these large, big, fat wrestlers WWE always seems to push, it is their look, but Lars gives me nothing I care about. He may be a good heel, he may not but personally for me it does completely nothing.

Now this is a Becky promo I can love. Charlotte always getting opportunities and it's about time someone else starts getting them. I loved what Bayley said more and stepping up for herself. Great match between Bayley and Charlotte but I really felt Bayley should of won this one. Ever sense Sasha was losing to Charlotte it has always been known WWE wants to push Charlotte and she will get beyond that 16 time title reigns. For me it's no longer a revolution, evolution when you repeatedly are only pushing one wrestler. By god Sasha, Bayley, Ember, Naomi, Kai, so many girls on NXT have so much of the same potential and more than Charlotte but they are giving us no respect. I am honestly really annoyed and fumed by this.

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