Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Rollins stomps Brock, Becky, Charlotte and Ronda arrested, And the return of Roman

I really enjoyed Raw this week and I think Smackdown was a fine show, but didn't feel like a closing show heading into Wrestlemania.

Main event is now for all the gold, which I think is a great idea. I am not the biggest fan as Charlotte having the titles and always being their golden girl, the one they pushed. With that said I didn't have a problem with Charlotte defeating Asuka. Asuka is a great wrestler but she wasn't getting over and the Asuka project just wasn't working in my opinion. For me Asuka defeating Charlotte last year at Wrestlemania should of happened and her losing to Charlotte really all went downhill from there. What happened between Becky, Charlotte and Ronda was damn exciting. I'm very much into wrestling quality but the wrestling match was all forgettable and nothing compared to what happened after the match. I absolutely loved everything about the Becky, Charlotte and Ronda arrest and fighting in the police cars. Yes it wasn't the most realistic segment but it was so entertaining and so badass.

Good women's tag team actions and I am really loving everything Bayley and Sasha are doing for the division right now. Seeing Beth back has been great, she has looked amazing.

Another one of my favorite parts of Raw was Seth Rollins promo on Paul and Brock, oh and of course Seth Rollins stomping Brocks face. I loved everything about this. Rollins saying no wrestler or fan likes him and that we need to change Monday Night Raw. Rollins has been the hottest and most hard working star in the WWE for the last five years, it's about time for him to reclaim what is his. I am crossing my fingers that somehow Seth Rollins wins.

We are getting demon Finn at Wrestlemania and I am so very excited for that. I really think this could be a good way to get Demon Finn over and give Finn more to work with by beating Lashley.

There was a couple other matches during the night that were in place for Andre the Giant battle royal. Not much of a story to this but it will be interesting come Sunday.

I really enjoyed the back and forth of Orton and AJ on the Kevin Owens show. Randy really had some good points about the independents and him wanting more, while AJ bringing up Randy's drug tests was not something I was expecting. I am loving how personal this has got. This may be the match that gets both of these men back in the title picture.

Ricochet and Black have looked really good on the main roster and they get the win with the Usos. Coming Sunday they will not be in two matches over the weekend. It should be interesting and curious on the Usos with their contract in the discussion of expiring soon.

The match of the week for me really has been Miz VS. Sanity. A lot of people hate on Miz's in ring skills but I really enjoyed this falls counts anywhere and I'm sure he will have a great match with Shane come Sunday.

Of course me being a huge Becky fan I loved her promo on Smackdown. She is so damn smart when it comes to a promo and engaging the audience. Her standing on the commentary table instead of the ring, was a great idea. The audience loved it and so did I. She spit the truth and she was 100 on it supposed to being Charlotte VS Ronda come Wrestlemania after last year, but she came along. She is fire right now and I can't see her not leaving Wrestlemania without all the gold.

I loved the ending segment with the contract signing. Kofi hasn't talked much, but he erupted!! He calls out Daniel for never being the underdog. Kofi's tone and everything just gets me so emotional invested into this match. Kofi is ready and I'm so excited for this match.

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