Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sasha Banks/RAW/SD

I enjoyed both shows this week as far as superstar shakeup went, but I would like to first address the Sasha Banks rumors about her wanting to leave WWE.

First of all I just have to say how disappointed I am in the fans, journalist and other wrestlers. There has been such a negative reaction towards Sasha Banks requesting her release from the WWE. While the Revival got praised, Itami, Dillinger were told they deserve better, and Luke Harper is being given farewell positive tweets. Is it because she is a woman? Is it because she isn't white? Is it because she isn't blonde and enhanced? Let me remind you who really started the give divas a chance, women's revolution, women's evolution. Sorry it wasn't Paige, The Bellas, AJ Lee or even Trish Stratus. It was Sasha Banks and Bayley, they started it all. You know why we don't use the term diva, because Sasha and Bayley weren't divas and hated the word "divas", as well as Lita and Trish did. When you put on matches that amazing, they don't have a choice but to refer you to as WOMEN'S WRESTLERS. Yes, Charlotte, Becky, Paige, Emma, independent wrestling all influenced it, but nothing like Sasha and Bayley. Sasha hadn't been given much respect after she left NXT, the main roster saw her as a star but never treated her that way. They have her do all this promotional stuff for the company, but have her lose any championship she wins right away. Sasha deserves better, Bayley deserves better, women's wrestling deserves better. Quit your sexiest and racists comments and ways, it has no place in wrestling. 

Superstar shakeup was exciting. I was really excited to see Miz on Raw, I am really digging baby face Miz. I like it a lot right now and would be so up for a baby face title run with him. Another surprise was Andrande and personally I would of had him win the IC championship, but I'm sure they have big plans for him. We also have Mysterio on Raw, which is very exciting I really hope we can get some Mysterio/Rollins matches. Tag team division on Raw is stacked! Usos, Revival, Viking experience and Black and Ricochet. I just have to say how much I adore heel Sami Zayn, he is just amazing how he can work a crowd that loves him so damn much. He will be a great heel to push against Rollins. Raw is having a problem getting some storylines with the women's division. The tag titles was an odd pairing with Bayley and Naomi and actually pinning the champs. Then we have this mess with Lacey getting a title shot when she has proved completely nothing and is just another example of WWE liking looks over talent.  I really enjoyed the Natalya and Becky promo. This promo really hit me hard I was so invested into a story with these two but then they have Natalya lose to Lacey. That really upset me, but I just hope to god we can go back to Natalya VS. Becky and maybe someday get a good feud with Sasha and Becky. Main event was great, seeing Rollins and AJ team up together got me in my feelings for a dream match someday. 

Smackdown had a lot of changes but personally for me I enjoyed Raw better this week. First of all Kevin Owens is my laugh of the week. He is so good at being the funny guy, I couldn't stop laughing. We flipped the women's division all the way around, with Bayley, Ember, Liv Morgan, and Kari all on Smackdown now. I am very worried about the Raw women's division especially with it being Bliss, Lacey and a lot of inexperienced women there along with Becky and Natalya to work with. As far as Becky's next challenge, I think it would be perfect storytelling for Sasha to feud with Becky on Raw and Bayley to feud with Becky on Smackdown. Even with Boss n hug connection split up, in a way they are still together. I didn't think this would happen, but I'm glad it did because it will be good for him. Roman is now on Smackdown, I really like the sound of that. Raw does have a lot of star quality and Smackdown so doesn't. Kofi is a great wrestler, but right now the comedy act personally for me is making the WWE title lesser. Rollins seems like the champion of the WWE, while Becky is 2nd and Kofi 3rd. 

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