Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Wrestlemania predictions

Smackdown tag team championship:
I have the Usos retaining the tag team championships. I just feel New Day and Usos deserve to have their wrestlemania moments. Even though New Day isn't in this match last year they were all disrespected. Having Kofi, Usos all go over would be a feel good moment for tag team and singles division. Ricochet and Black's time will come, but I personally don't like NXT talent on the main roster unless they are being called up.

Women's battle royal:
I am going with a dark horse and taking Sonya to win the women's battle royal.

Andre the giant battle royal:
I have Braun winning this. Braun needs something to get him back over.

Lashley VS. Finn:
I have the Demon Finn getting his moment and defeating Lashley.

Buddy VS. Tony: 
I really wanted it to be Cedric in the position of Tony. I am not invested into Tony at all. Buddy is on fire and has been, I don't see him losing to Tony.

Kurt VS. Corbin: 
This is Kurt's last match and I feel it will good farewell for him. I am having Kurt defeat Corbin and have his moment.

Joe VS. Mysterio: 
Mysterio is injured right now and as cool as an underdog moment it would be. Joe just became champion and I don't see him losing it this soon.

Orton VS. AJ:
This match could very well be one of the best matches by the end of the night. I love how personal these two have got. I have AJ defeating Orton but it being a close one.

Women's tag team championship:
I have the boss n hug connection retaining the tag team champions. I am so excited for this match

Roman VS. Drew:
This is going to be another really good match. I have my guy Roman defeating Drew. I know everyone is high on Drew and thinks he should be in Rollins position but this is Roman night.

Shane VS. Miz:
These two will have a crazy good match. I do have Shane doing some crazy stunts and Miz getting the win for his family.

HHH VS. Batista:
This is the match I'm actually least forwarded to. I like Triple H a lot and will enjoy the in ring part but storyline part I am just not invested into.

Daniel VS. Kofi:
This is an emotional meaningful moment for Kofi and I am so happy he is getting this match, but I do see Daniel Bryan retaining the title. I would prefer Kofi winning though.

Rollins VS. Brock:
The match I'm most looking forward to! I love me some Seth Rollins. I really really really really hoping Rollins wins. I am going with my heart on this one and having Rollins slay the beast!

Women's championship (main event):
Historical, emotional, an evolution. This match and women's tag match I am the most emotionally invested into. Sasha, Becky and Bayley got me back into wrestling, all due to women's wrestling being treated with respect. I really never thought I would fall back in love with wrestling again but they did that for me. I am going with Becky Lynch to become the Raw and Smackdown women's champion. I have no idea how they are going to book this, but I am excited and looking forward to the match, story and outcome.

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