Monday, April 8, 2019


Last night was beautiful magic. It's so hard to explain how wrestling can just pull on this heart strings in the most gentle way. This year's Wrestlemania was the greatest I have personally watched in years.

The only thing I do want to note about the pre show is I was sad that he Revival lost their tag team championships. Hopefully tonight they can get them back. 

At first when I saw Brock VS. Seth was the first match of the night I was fuming. Brock refuses to stay for the show and they aren't treating Seth Rollins like the main event that he is. When we got those stomps by Seth Rollins, a new champion and the crowd on their feet I knew this was meant to be. Personally I would of liked Roman and Dean come out to congratulate Seth or the locker room. He slayed the beast, it's  new era. This is a big thing. Nonetheless it was an amazing moment for Seth Rollins and wrestling as a whole, I am so proud and happy for Rollins. Personally this was that feel good moment of the night for me. 

I thought Randy Orton and AJ Styles had one of the best in ring performances of the night. These two really have great in ring chemistry with one another and AJ is so good at coming up with new moves on the big stages. I really enjoyed this match and the creativity of the entire match.

Shane and the Miz brought back ECW vibes. I really enjoyed this match also. There wasn't one part of this match that wasn't exciting. Props to both men for taking crazy bumps and oh my that last spot of super super suplex was one of the coolest spots I have ever watched in wrestling. I really enjoyed everything about this match.

I was really happy for Ricochet having his Wrestlemania moment and you could just tell he was really just soaking it all in. I thought the Usos retaining was the right call, but I have no problem with Black and Ricochet being their long term opponents. 

This was the only outcome on the card that I was shocked and disappointed in. I really thought Sasha and Bayley deserved better than this and they had so much more to do with those titles. The reason we even have the titles is because Sasha would go to Vince's office every Monday asking about when will we get them and pushing him to push these titles. All the blood, sweat and tears Sasha and Bayley put into this business and those titles I really felt heartbroken over the outcome. 

This wasn't about the match for me it was about the moment not only in wrestling, but all around the world. As some of you may know WWE seems to not push black wrestlers that much, especially when it comes to the big WWE championship. I thought this was a moment that touched so many of us in so many ways. It is time to break the cycle, we've had the white tan wrestler muscular with stigma as well as the white girl blonde fake boobs stigma. We've had Roman as champion, now Seth, Kofi and we've had Trinity, Sasha and Nia as champions. It is time to push the talent, not the Brocks, Rondas, and stereotypical faces. Very happy for Kofi and hoping for a long run. 

Roman and Drew did have a good match, I think that crowd was just very tired so we didn't get much of a fan reaction during the match. People can say what they want about Roman but he is amazing in that ring. I am just really happy he got that moment to get a singles win after everything this man has been through.

Triple H and Batista's match went on way too long for me. Batista wasn't good in ring and he did not look in good shape, but he also didn't embarrass himself. I thought Triple H really made this math, it's insane how good Triple H is in that ring still. I really loved this match and everything storytelling wise Triple H added into this match. 

The main event was an extremely emotional moment for me. I been watching wrestling since I been at least 8 years old. I remember watching Chyna, and Lita and just thinking man I hope one day all the female wrestlers can do what these two can do. Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch got me back into wrestling in 2013. I was going through a really bad breakup, lost myself and couldn't find anything to live for, I was really lost. I remember being on youtube and came across the NXT pre show. I saw what the women were doing and immediately subscribed to WWE network. It really changed my life, that void that I had felt filled. Wrestling in general gives me something no one and nothing has ever given me and women's wrestling just gives me everything. This match was very emotional for me. I thought all three women worked their assses off in this match. There wasn't one part I hated and I really mean that. I thought Becky really brought the most in this wrestling match and that is saying a lot with Charlotte being the reason a lot of people thought it was added. I actually enjoyed the ending unlike some others. I liked that she pinned Ronda and how if Ronda comes back Ronda can claim her shoulders weren't down. I'm just beyond happy for Becky. This woman has gone through so much and has done so much for the business. It was her time when Sasha and Charlotte were main eventing, it was her time when they pushed Alexa Bliss and it's finally all worth it because BECKY IS A DOUBLE CHAMP!

All together amazing wrestlemania card. I am excited for Raw tonight to see what we get next!

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