Wednesday, May 15, 2019

AEW, MITB, and ratings

Hello my wrestling buddies, I hope you are all doing good. It's been a while since I have had a deep reflection on wrestling. WWE has been struggling lately, as well as fans not taking it easy on WWE either. Creative wise and storytelling wise it hasn't been good, but mid 2000s I still think were way worse. Of course I hated the divas era and was never a huge CM Punk or John Cena fan. After Edge left, I lost my love for the business until Sasha and Bayley put on this amazing match with NXT, my love came back for wrestling. I still have that love for wrestling and I think I always will, sometimes certain things in the business are hard to swallow. With all this said, yes I think WWE is struggling but I also think it will be good for them in the end. They will grow, they will find their fan base again.  Now we do have exciting news which I feel will also help WWE. AEW is going to be amazing and even though I do not feel WWE and AEW will feud or be competition, I do feel this will push WWE to give us a better product. I am very happy for Cody, the Bucks, Omega and everyone involved. This is a huge accomplishments and amazing for wrestling.

I thought Raw was a descent show, especially for it being in London and pre taped. It was a great idea having Roman team up with the Miz, but the match ending in DQ is exactly what WWE needs to avoid. We are so used to in matches A being predictable and B not having an ending and C not having a story. It was an amazing match and Roman's superman dive really kicked off that show, but we need these matches to mean something.

I think we can all agree that after Wrestlemania the women's division has gone many steps back. We went to main eventing to having 3 minute matches. Becky was the most over wrestler in WWE and maybe still is, but she isn't helping the ratings on Raw, just like Kofi isn't helping the ratings on Smackdown. This does not mean they are to blame, this just means we may need a new direction. Becky losing one of the titles is something I feel needs to happen. She is over with the WWE fanbase, but always having the 4-horsewomen in the spotlight is hurting the women's division. Give Charlotte a break, give Becky a believable meaningful feud and let the NXT, Raw and Smackdown wrestlers show their talent and get opportunities also.  Bayley said it best I'm sick of it always being Charlotte and Becky, I have to agree. This is also coming from someone that is a huge Becky Lynch fan, but I loved straight fire underdog Becky, not the man Becky.  It's time for change, time for a cash in, time for new feuds. Now with all this said, in my heart Sasha and Bayley are responsible for the women's revolution and evolution, they changed the word diva and changed women's wrestling in my eyes. I will always adore this two and always want them in the spotlight. I do feel it is time to give the other women title shots and the spotlight too.

I have to give WWE creative credit. I was not expecting Sami to replace Braun, but I am so happy he did. In my last blog post I talked about what Money in the bank means and why I felt they needed more smaller guys involved in the match. This is for the opportunist and Sami sure is one. I have a feeling Drew will win, but my heart is with Sami.

I thought Smackdown was a solid show this week. It was my favorite out of the two shows. I would of preferred Smackdown not to start out as similar as Raw did, but having the Usos tag with Roman was something that felt really special. It was a good match and will be cool to see Usos VS Bryan and Rowan at money in the bank.

Andrade getting the win against Finn, Ali and Orton was good confidence and a well needed win for him. I do feel with him winning this means he will not be winning at money in the bank. This fatal 4-way though was incredible, my favorite match of the week. I could see all these men challenging Finn after money in the bank. I would love to see Ali get the title, and I could also see Orton being a good challenger for Kofi.

The women's tag division is a mess right now. There is no open challenges, everything is happening on Smackdown. IIConics are worthy and deserve more respect for everything they have done to get here, but I can't take Mandy and Sonya seriously and Kari and Asuka are just shoved together and I do not feel the chemistry with them.

I liked the ending to Smackdown, I did like Kofi getting the upper hand, and showing some aggression and seriousness. I do fear with Kofi standing tall that they will have Owens win at money in the bank. It's too soon for me, Kofi really is the fighting champion right now.

Joe VS. Mysterio: Mysterio is a legend, one of the greatest luchadores ever. He needs this win, it's time to put some gold on him. I am going with Mysterio for the upset win.

Becky VS. Lacey: I have Becky beating Lacey quickly. Lacey got an opportunity really quickly, but I see this more of a Mandy/Asuka thing. Hype up the blonde pretty heel, but champion dominates.

Miz VS. Shane: Babyface Miz has been money, it's time for the Miz to beat Shane and send Shane away for a little while.

Roman VS. Elias: I have Roman being Roman fighting from behind but getting that superman win. Roman needs this win and to move on to a greater feud.

Becky VS. Charlotte: I have this being a long match and both women having a good wrestling match but someone cashing in on Becky.

AJ VS. Rollins: This is going to be the match of the night, maybe even match of the year. People are expecting too much though, while I will just enjoy it. My heart is hoping Rollins wins, and that we get an AJ Styles full heel turn, so I am going with that.

Kofi VS. Owens: I know Owens is the favorite and not many believe in Kofi, but I do. I am going with Kofi beating Owens but a potential cash in.

Women's MITB: Women's money in the bank really doesn't have much experience this year and it worries me. I will go with my heart and hope on this and pick my girl Bayley.

Men's MITB:  Everything in me wants Ricochet to win. Drew seems to have been the favorite ever since he has returned to WWE. Drew is a heel and seems like someone Vince would push, going with Drew.

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