Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Rollins/AJ ready for war and Bayley is not settling for less

I thought both Raw and Smackdown certainly would have benefited from qualifying money in the banks matches, both shows had their high moments along with their lack of storytelling and filler.

All these Alexa Bliss segments are just another excuse to use her and push her. Announcing the qualifiers gave us no reason why these superstars were being part of the money in the banks and they needed Bliss to announce it because a blonde with fake boobs makes it feel legit? As much as people complain about Charlotte and the 4-horsewomen being over pushed, Bliss is way beyond that line. Braun and Corbin in the money in the bank again really is just taking spots of future stars and other talent backstage. These ladder matches are for the athletic, smaller guys that are the opportunist. I thought Cesaro and Cedric would be perfect options.

The Usos and Revival feud is what I want, but what I don't want is a storyline making fun of the Revival and stereotyping them as gay. I don't like it at all, these two teams are so damn good they don't even need a storyline. They are the best tag teams in the world.

Lashley and The Miz I thought would be a great storyline for not, but they are going back to Shane and Miz for money in the bank. Lashley really needs something and he really needs to unleash that dominant serious destructive character. He can do it.

Bray Wyatt is a creative genius but this firefly house thing ain't working for me it all. I hope he figures out which creative way he wants to go, but wrestling needs to be taken more seriously. Way too many comedy gimmicks in WWE right now.

Again we had another segment with Bliss and it as all to just get herself over. Bliss has been off in ring matches for a while and honestly she isn't even good in ring, her added to money in the bank really was just pointless and taking another stars spot. Naomi and Bayley in this years money in the bank I am really excited about, but do we need Mandy, Bliss, Carmella, Dana, all green added to this match? There is so much talent and so much talent on NXT that could make this match amazing. I just hope Natalya and Bayley's flawless in ring work can cover up for the mistakes of the rest. Singles match itself was dumb, they had to protect Bliss by her shoe laces coming undone entire match.

Lacey is athletic, but is she there yet in ring wise? No. Is this fair to her? no. I cannot buy into Lacey and Becky actually brawling or even what they are brawling about. I have zero care for this match, and same goes for Charlotte and Becky.

Sami Zayn has really been the highlight of Raw sense he came back. He is really spitting out the truth to the fans, journalist and even wrestlers. I am really enjoying this, but would of also liked to see Sami in the money in the bank match.

I know it seems like I haven't said one good thing about Raw, but I really absolutely loved AJ and Seth Rollins contract signing along with the heat. I thought it was brilliant when Rollins said he never wanted to be AJ, he only wanted to be Seth Freakin Rollins and I really did enjoy the slight heel we are getting out of AJ. These two could honestly make this feud work all year long. I grew up idolizing AJ in impact wrestling along with Jeff Hardy and the last couple years having that same feeling towards Rollins. I am very excited to see the story, the match and what happens next.

I really enjoyed Kofi's promo to kick off Smackdown and I thought Owen's promo was good but didn't feel like his heel promos from the past. This whole Kofi isn't championship material coming from Kevin Owens, not a wrestler type is kind of ironic and annoying all together. What makes Kofi not championship material? That is he is a smaller wrestler? that he is black? that he is considered mid card? that he can't be taken seriously? Give us a story and Kofi is championship material so that excuse is crap.

I was heartbroken when I heard Hardy Boyz have to forfeit the tag team championships. I really hope we get one last run with these two, I have looked up to them sense I was 10 years old and want them to have a promising last moment in WWE to be recognized, acknowledged and respected. New age fans don't understand those words.

The women's tag team division I am not feeling at all. You have Kari hit her cool elbow but the matches haven't been that great and the story is shit. Sasha and Bayley made those titles and creative and the rest of that division are burying them.

Andrade losing twice on Smackdown now in the last couple weeks isn't a good look. He is in the money in the bank match, would certainly be interesting to pull the trigger on this gifted man.

Everything Roman does is exceptional, but Elias seems so below him. Match should be fine but I really would be up for Kofi VS. Roman at Summerslam.

I really have thought the best matches of the last two weeks have been Bayley VS. Charlotte and Bayley VS. Becky. Bayley is so underrated in ring due to not being a model type, having enhancements, caked make-up and posing pictures of herself on IG. I love everything about Bayley and I love her new attitude. My dream is for her to turn heel and win money in the bank, I don't know if it will happen but I have my fingers crossed. What I enjoyed even more was after the match she had an interview where she said enough about Charlotte and Becky, it was about them when I was on Raw and it's still about them. She said she came to Smackdown for opportunities, I totally feel her and so many fans should. It's no lie 4-horsewomen have been pushed a lot, but Charlotte and Becky have been pushed the most along with Alexa Bliss. It is time to not only give Bayley opportunities but all the other women.

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